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Bareboat Chartering Certification Clinics / ASA Bareboat Chartering Standard - 104

For sailors with intermediate sailing skills & cruising experience, this intense program is targeted to build the skills necessary to skipper a large auxiliary charter boat with a wheel. Pre-requisites are the ASA Basic Keelboat and Basic Coastal Cruising Standards. Graduates receive a certificate and a personal letter of evaluation and recommendations suitable for presentation to charter companies.

To qualify for the BBCC you should have a good understanding of sailing, be able to rig and handle a keelboat with confidence, understand wind direction and basic maneuvers and have some familiarity with nautical charts. If its been a while since you've sailed or if you've sailed as crew, not as skipper, a two or five day "Learn to Sail" or "Basic Coastal Cruising" program is suggested prior to taking a Bareboat Chartering Certification Clinic.

What You'll Do
Under the guidance of a patient ISS instructor you'll practice and become familiar with every aspect of the boat's equipment from diesel engine to rigging including electrical system, marine head, ship-to-shore radio, pumps, seacocks, and navigation equipment. You'll review sailing maneuvers, practice anchoring, navigation and piloting. You will live aboard one evening only and navigate into an unfamiliar harbor. Provisions for overnight will be selected and purchased as a team. (Food expense is split among students and sleeping bag/pillow should be included with gear) You'll spend a considerable amount of time under power, in both forward and reverse and become able to predict and control the boats motion near a dock with accuracy. You'll practice sailing without the rudder and learn to handle common emergencies including running aground.

What You'll Learn
You'll learn how to leave and approach the dock gracefully using wind, current and lines to make you look and feel like a pro. You'll learn how to handle larger sails with techniques that eliminate anxiety, screaming and a lot of unnecessary work. You'll learn where to anchor, how to properly raise and lower anchors, how to tell if your anchor is holding, and what to do if it's not, and how to anchor in special situations. You'll learn how to recover a man (or object) lost overboard. You'll gain confidence in reefing and jibing. You'll learn to plot your position with accuracy using advanced piloting techniques. You'll learn to confidently handle and understand a cruising auxiliary so that your next charter or your new boat is a safe, enjoyable rewarding experience.

The ISS Bareboat Chartering Certification Clinic is hard work. It's a lot of fun and an exceptional vacation education experience. ASA certification included.

Course #10 Two day Bareboat Certification Clinic... 4 sessions... 14 hours
Course #11 Five day Bareboat Certification Clinic... 5 sessions... 17.5 hours

Check out the ASA Bareboat Chartering Standard in detail

"I took a course at ISS due to glowing recommendations from alumni. My instructor was very thorough and professional. He was well polished and impassioned about the sport." —Chuck Osler, Jeffersonville, VT

"The International Sailing School is extraordinary. The instructor was truly superb. ISS is a credit to the profession and the American Sailing Association!" —Dr. Burt Sobel, Colchester, VT

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