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Learn to Sail / ASA Basic Keelboat - 101

Learn to Sail is a comprehensive course for beginners and those with a little experience. After a brief on-shore introduction to basic sailing techniques and theory, you'll soon learn to apply your land based learning to on-board practice. The Learn to Sail program will qualify you to properly rig and sail a boat in normal wind conditions. This program is intense, exciting, a lot of fun and exceptionally rewarding.

What You'll Do:
Under the patient guidance of a veteran ISS instructor, you'll rig your 27' Soling and sail for 3 1/2 hours each session with only two other participants per boat. This is the lowest class size in the country and affords the opportunity for maximum personal attention, You'll rotate crew positions and alternate trimming sails, taking the helm, practicing basic maneuvers such as tacking, jibing and steering a constant course and coordinating steering with sail trim.

What You'll Learn: In theory sessions, you'll cover fundamental principals, boat parts and terminology. You'll learn about the wind and understand the points of sail. On board, you'll learn the rigging and its use, how to hoist sails, get underway, steer a constant course and adjust your point of sail. You'll learn to tack and jibe with an understanding few sailors attain. You'll learn to stop the boat accurately and to get sailing again quickly. You'll learn to reduce sails by reefing in heavy wind and how to trim them to maximize performance. You'll gain confidence in how to recover an object lost overboard and how to avoid emergencies and problems. You'll learn knots important to the sailor and how to use them. You'll understand the nautical "rules of the road." In your shoreside chart session, you'll be introduced to nautical charts, their symbols and abbreviations and how to use the compass. ASA basic keelboat certification included (w/ $39 one time ASA administrative fee) — not guaranteed with two day course.

Course #1 Two day Learn to Sail... 4 sessions... 14 hours...
Course #2 Five day Learn to Sail... 5 sessions... 17.5 hours

Check out the ASA Keelboat Standard in detail

"I participated in the two day Learn-To-Sail course due to recommendations of other graduates. I heard Malletts Bay was very pretty — GREAT SAILING! I learned all I expected and more. It was very rewarding!" —Dr. Richard Romer, Niskayuna, NY

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