International Sailing School

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Located on Mallett's Bay in Colchester, Vermont

One Day Catamaran Workshop

You've seen them... zipping along, with spray flying and sailors hanging on the edge.. and wondered "what would it be like to do that?" You may not have experienced the fun of lying on a soft, level deck as you swiftly sail to sparkling, distant beaches. We can show you how!

What You'll Do
In your catamaran clinic aboard a Hobie 18' or Prindle 18', we'll coach you to sail at higher speeds, read apparent wind changes and maneuver better. You'll start on shore, learn the rigging procedures, launch off the beach, position your rudders and boards, sail the cat in both crew and skipper position as you execute drills that give you the skills.

What You'll Learn
You'll learn strategies to avoid capsize and techniques to quickly right the boat after you say "oops". We'll show you how to use the trapeze - "the most exhilarating part of cat sailing." Multihulls can tack and jibe quickly, we'll show you how to turn smoothly, with speed. Plan to get wet during this course. We may go swimming, but bring clothing to keep you as dry as possible. Water/wind resistant pants and jacket are recommended. Water shoes or sneakers that can be soaked are essential. Other recommended items are sunscreen, sunglasses with retention cord and previous sailing experience.

Course #16 - One day / 6 hours

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