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Located on Malletts Bay in Colchester, Vermont

Intermediate Sailing

A Five Day and a Two Day course for those who already understand sailing, this program will refine your skills and make you a more proficient sailor. A perfect refresher for the ex-sailor. The intermediate course graduate will be able to coordinate advanced trim principals with wind conditions, be confident with the spinnaker and handle a boat with ease in a variety of wind conditions. This programs is exacting, demanding and exhilarating.

What You'll Do:
You'll sail in 3 1/2 hour sessions with your instructor and a maximum of two other students, sharing all sailing tasks and receiving personalized attention. You'll review basic maneuvers and build an increased sailing sense and awareness through exciting drills and challenges.

What You'll Learn: You'll gain an understanding of sail trim and weight for maximum boat speed and comfort. You'll learn the art of sailing upwind and the technique of beating to leeward. You'll learn to tune your boat through the proper use of the traveler, vang and barberhaulers. You'll become confident in maneuvering your boat in tight quarters. You'll learn how to moor and dock with accuracy, how to sail without the tiller and how to sail backwards. You'll be able to spot windshifts, recognize lifts and headers and use them to your advantage. You'll practice the principles of dead reckoning, and using the compass to find your position. You'll review common emergencies such as grounding, dismasting... how to prevent them and how to deal effectively with common problems You'll practice rigging and using the spinnaker to build your confidence in using this most exciting and colorful of sails. A daily wrap-up and critique will solidify your understanding and prepare you for the next session of drills. An Intermediate Sailing program will give you years of sailing sense and understanding in a short, exciting vacation program.

Course #5 Two day Intermediate Sailing Course, 4 sessions... 14 hours
Course #6 Five day Intermediate Sailing Course, 5 sessions... 17.5 hours

"My instructor was terrific! Their love of sailing was conveyed effectively and with humor. I felt ours ( and what I observed of others) made a real investment in teaching us to sail." —Donna Carlson, S. Burlington, Vt.

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