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Liveaboard Cruising Course

This six day program is the perfect combination of a relaxed vacation, a dream cruise and a confidence-building professional sailing course to prepare you to charter and cruise safely and enjoyably. You'll spend the week living onboard our modern, well equipped cruiser, sharing sailing and shipboard tasks and traveling from port to port learning important cruising skills.

What You'll Do
You'll arrive on Sunday and move aboard to meet your instructor and shipmates (maximum four students per boat). On Monday you'll review sailing maneuvers and become familiar with all aspects of the boat's operational and safety equipment. You'll sail most of the day, drilling and becoming at home with your boat. Back at your home port you'll take a dip, discuss cruise plans and check last minute supplies. Tuesday, you'll plot a course and leave for your cruise. Daily sails will vary between 20 and 30 miles and each evening's destination will be a fitting reward to the day's efforts—either a quiet anchorage for swimming and a toast to the sunset or a unique local marina and restaurant suited to your tastes. Your cruise plans will be a function of the winds and your wishes. On Friday, you'll return to home port for a swim and the presentation of certificates. You'll disembark on Saturday, relaxed, prepared and eager for your next cruising experience.

What You'll Learn
You'll learn to handle your cruiser under power and sail, to handle larger sails with ease, to tack and jibe with confidence. You'll become thoroughly familiar with systems common to all cruising boats: engine, electrical, radio, water and waste equipment as well as with all safety gear and its use. You'll gain confidence in reefing and changing sails underway, proper anchoring and docking. You'll practice navigation and piloting, using parallel rules, course plotters, and dividers and become expert with the hand bearing compass. You'll spend time docking and learn to handle the boat like a pro in tight situations. You'll drill or discuss running aground, rudderless sailing and other emergency situations.

What is Included
Your six day program includes ASA certification, on board accommodations for six nights and all provisions except three dinners which you'll enjoy in harbor front restaurants.

To Qualify
You should have basic sailing skills and some experience in skippering smaller boats. In the case of couples, only one person needs to have the required experience, even the newest sailors will learn to enjoy cruising in the six day program.

The six day Liveaboard Cruising Program will give you a rewarding educational experience and wonderful vacation in the same relaxing week.

Course #1c Six day/six night Cruising Course... 13 shipboard meals

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