International Sailing School

Providing lessons, club rentals, moorings and fun!
Located on Mallett's Bay in Colchester, Vermont

Our Fleet

We have a variety of sailboats suitable for learning, racing, and just simple fun!


The Soling is a stable fast keelboat well adapted to teaching. With a maximum class size of three students, sailing a Soling is a joy most students return to experience, either in a further course or in our daily rental program. With only two other participants per boat you'll benefit with plenty of hands on practice time and individual coaching. Our Learn to Sail and Intermediate Sailing programs are taught on our 27' Solings.

"A Soling is a great learning vessel—very responsive. My instructor was very supportive and had a great teaching style—enthusiastic guided discovery. Thank you for an excellent experience!!"— Guy Belliveau / Josee Charbonneau, Montreal, Canada

Pocket Cruisers

Our pocket cruisers offer further learning and pleasure cruising with spacious decks, motors, and ammenities for a day or week on the lake. Our Bareboat Certification Clinics and Live-aboard Cruising courses are held on these auxiliary powered cruising boats.

All have fully enclosed heads, berths for five adults, full galleys, stern rail barbecues, reliable auxiliary engines, full instrumentation, ship-to-shore radios and off shore safety equipment. The maximum number of students per cruising boat is four, which means active practice and experience in the operation of all the boat's equipment.

Modern and constantly updated and maintained, the fleet currently includes:

Beach Boats

Beach boats such as our lasers and cat's are fast and can get you wet to cool off on those hot summer days. We have Lasers, a 420, Sunfish, American 18, Prindle 18' catamaran and a Hobie 18' Catamaran.